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Singing Bowl


Spa Bed

Sound Bowl Therapy

The singing bowl is a metal bowl, struck by a mallet, often used in spiritual or religious settings to invoke meditation or relaxation through the resounding vibrations and pleasant sounds it emanates when played. They can also be used in sound therapy to induce healing and treat various illnesses. 


By Tammy Battista

Cranial Trauma Relief Therapy

Cranial Trauma Relief Therapy is a hands-on massaging technique. It uses a firm touch to release tension around your body's connective tissue network called the fascia.


IteraCare Therapy that helps relieve pain, reduce stress, and work on a specific problem  using the IteraCare Wand.


By Luanne

Our very own Heaven On Earth masseuse

Wellness Options

Heaven On Earth Well-Being Center provides wellness options and products at our Commerce Township center.  It is our mission to be a beacon of light for wellness and to use our resources to spread awareness and knowledge of the leading breakthrough technologies and to make them accessible within our community. 


Migen Bed


Zero Gravity Massage Chair


Meridian Cardio Scan

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Aura Readings


Wellness Product Brands


IV Therapy

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