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Our Center


Serving the Detroit Metropolitan area, we are located in Commerce Township.  Our center is equipped with a 24 Unit Energy Enhancement System designed to  create an optimal well-being environment for your body.

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Preparations Prior to Your Visit to the Center

  • Wear comfortable, non-binding clothing. 

  • Bring slippers or non-slip footies.

  • Shoes are removed prior to entering "The Essence Room" .

  • Drink a minimum of 4 oz. of water just prior to your session.

  • Please bring your own bottled water.

  • We have pillows and blankets, though we highly encourage you to bring your own clean pillow and favorite blanket from home.   You may also want to bring ear plugs and a comfortable eye mask for a quieter experience.

  • At the end of your session we will gently wake you.

  • If desired, make a dedicated tote bag to leave in the car. Then, all your comfort items and shoe bag are with you at every appointment.

  •  While lying in the chair, take slow, deep breaths to relax, sleep or meditate, thereby allowing your body to be immersed In the pure Bio-Scalar energy fields.

  • Dr. Michael recommends skin exposure of face, head, neck, arms, and feet.

  • Be mindful of the quiet environment at "Heaven On Earth."  We ask that you speak only in very hushed tones, and to be mindful of others who are already in their restful state.

  • Please use caution while exiting and entering the Essence room.

What to Expect at Our Energy Enhancement System Center

  • Please power off all cell phones and other electronic equipment prior to entering the Center's main front door.*

  •  When you enter our center, you will be required to fill out and sign a consent form before settling into "The Essence Room."

  • We take payment in cash, credit/debit cards. (No checks, please).

  •  The interior at Heaven on Earth is pleasantly calm and quiet. "The Essence Room" is illuminated by the 24 units and the bio-scalar frequency decreases stimuli. This promotes the necessary restful state for attaining maximum health benefits from the energy field.

  • For your seating and lounging comfort we offer a  wide, padded zero-gravity chairs for the person who knows they like to sit up or recline back on a lounger and also a comfortable reclining couch with 3 seats.

  • For your overnight experience we offer the comfort of 20-inch thick twin-sized air mattresses with supportive coils for your sleeping comfort.   (Overnight sessions must be scheduled in advance.)

  • There is a professional grade air movement system in our Center to add to your comfort, so it's never too hot or too cold.


All the best wishes on your Heaven on Earth well-being journey!


We are pet friendly. Your pets are welcome with prior staff approval.

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