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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What to expect?
    Booking A Session - You may book your appointment online at and click the "Book Now" button. There is the option to prepay for your session once you are in the booking section. Heaven On Earth Well-Being Center When you enter the Center, please complete the Consent Form and Sign-In by printing clearly. Please speak in a hush tone. Power off all cell phones and electronic devices. A brief orientation will a Center Staffer will take place once your completed the consent form. Bogo is offered to 1st time guest with a minimum stay of 2 hours - "Buy one hour get one hour free". We accept cash, debit and credit cards for Center payments. No personal checks accepted. The "Essence Room" The Essence Room houses the 24 Unit Energy Enhancement Center. Wear comfortable, non-binding clothing. Shoes are removed prior to entering the "Essence Room". Bring slippers or non-slip footies. Drink a minimum of 4 ounces of water just prior to your session and bring your own bottled water. We have pillows and blankets, though we highly encourage you to bring your own clean pillow and blanket from home. We ask that you speak in a hush tone and be mindful of the quiet environment of Heaven On Earth Well-Being Center. For your resting comfort we offer the padded zero-gravity chairs to sit up or recline, a Staffer will provide directions on use. A 3-seater reclining couch is available by request with a additional fee of $10.
  • Overnight Stay
    Overnight stay are booked online at or by texting 248-520-7127. Overnight stays timeline is 10:00 pm until 8:00 am. We will provide a premium 20 inch Airbeds with a fitted sheet only. Please bring your own bedding if you wish ie. sheets/pillows. We provide use of a refrigerator overnight if you need for any snacks, etc. Please ensure you arrive by 10:00pm as the door will be locked at 10:30pm for the safety of our clients and staff. If you must leave prior to your time slot being complete, you will not be allowed to return for that booked session. Payment is due upon entrance at 10:00 pm or at time of booking. Pets Overnight All pets must be in an appropriate carrier and/or a concealed pet bed for the overnight. Pet collars and leashes must be attached at all times.
  • Pet Requirements
    Heaven On Earth is a pet-friendly center. Your pets are welcome with "prior" approval by Gigi. Your pet must have a collar and a leash at all times. All pets must maintain a calm demeanor, be house trained and disciplined to their parents. Please bring your pet bed or blanket for them to lay on the carpet. Pets are not permitted on the reclining couch or zero-gravity chairs.
  • What to Expect during the session?
    Breathe and be in the moment. Allow your hands and feet to be exposed. Relax and calm your mind and body. Get ready for the deepest sleep or meditation of your life. Bring noise cancellation headphones if the sound of 432 hz music and a waterfall fountain will affect your rest. You may experience vibration tingles throughout your body and that's okay it is all good. Try to maintain a positive mindset and embrace the peaceful environment.
  • Post Session
    Please hydrate yourself adequately as this will help flush toxins produced during your session. Detox Salt bath or Foot Soak within 24 hours of your session is highly recommended to help flush out toxins produced. Detox Salt Bath recipe - 2 Cups Himalayan Sea Salt, 2 Cups Baking Soda, 1 Cup Borax
  • How often should I schedule a session?
    We adhere to Dr. Sandra Rose Michael's guideline to be consistent for 20 hours when starting. Schedule the sessions according to your schedule which should consist of 10 visits with 2 hour sessions. After the 20 hours of sessions have been completed, evaluate yourself from your session start and schedule your sessions accordingly.
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