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Image by Raimond Klavins


Health Classes in the EES!

Starting this September 2024!

Your life is precious and has an important purpose! 

Shouldn't your health be the best?

Are you functioning optimally physically, mentally, and


The key to health and happiness is a CULMINATION

of life changes. 

Join our health and nutrition consultant,

Shelly Whittaker, MSACN, for an educational series

examining the most important habits for a

healthier life.  

  • Food Myths and Facts, from A to Z

  • Personal Care & Household Cleaning products:

      Which are safe?

  • The Blue Zones

  • Mental Health

  • Kid's Health: Are you helping or hindering?

  • Aging and Healthy Living

  • Home and Environmental Toxins

  • More



Gain the latest knowledge, see and taste samples,

all while sitting amongst our amazing

Energy Enhancement System!

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